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Testimonials of International Scholarship Recipients from Asia Pacific

Discover how international scholarships have changed the lives of recipients from Asia Pacific. Find out what they have to say about their experience in Canada and where they are now!

Quanhong Jiang from China. Canada – China Scholars Exchange Program Awardee (2012)

University of Ottawa (Business Management, visiting Scholar)

2012 was my most fortunate and happy time in my life. That year I was supported by the Canada – China Scholars Exchange Program (CCSEP) and realized my dream ever since 2003. The spring, summer, fall and winter enable me to truly experience Canada and fall deeply in love with the beautiful country.

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Dr. Xiao Qiong from China. Canada – China Scholars Exchange Program Awardee (2011)

University of Ottawa (Indigenous Studies, visiting Scholar)

The Canada – China Scholars Exchange Program (CCSEP) is so valuable and meaningful because it provided me with a precious opportunity to do further studies in Canada. Not only did I deeply experience the kindness and friendship of the Canadian people, but I also comprehensively learned about Canada’s harmonious multiculturalism and peaceful diversity through the colorful social events in Ottawa. Furthermore, my teaching method and research methodology was greatly refreshed and upgraded through my participation in my supervisor’s class at the University of Ottawa. I know all these important things cannot be gained from textbooks and will benefit me a lot in my future teaching and research work in China.

Xiangfei Qu from China. Canada – China Scholars Exchange Program Awardee (2011)

University of Victoria (Law, visiting scholar)

I loved Victoria from the beginning of my stay in Canada. Victoria is the oldest city in western Canada, and has the oldest Chinatown in North America. Heritage is alive and well in Victoria! The aura of history is very much evident in the public buildings and elegant homes of the last century. Victoria is known as the “city of gardens”, beautiful in all seasons, “a perfect Eden” with England character.

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Richard Beal from New Zealand. Government of Canada Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship Awardee (2010)

University of Ottawa (postdoctoral research in Solar Engineering)

I was delighted to be awarded a Government of Canada Post Doctoral Research Fellowship and to be given the opportunity to pursue post-doctoral studies in Canada. As a result of the award, I took up a position at the University of Ottawa SUNLab where I researched the terrestrial and space based applications of high efficiency solar cells.

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