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Testimonial: Xiangfei Qu

Canada – China Scholars Exchange Program Awardee (2011)

University of Victoria (Law, visiting scholar)

I loved Victoria from the beginning of my stay in Canada. Victoria is the oldest city in western Canada, and has the oldest Chinatown in North America. Heritage is alive and well in Victoria! The aura of history is very much evident in the public buildings and elegant homes of the last century. Victoria is known as the “city of gardens”, beautiful in all seasons, “a perfect Eden” with England character.

The Law School of the University of Victoria (UVIC) is widely acknowledged as one of Canada's finest law schools, which has an outstanding faculty, a stimulating intellectual environment, and a strong commitment to social justice at home and abroad. UVIC’s Law School is a leader in the interdisciplinary study of law and offers educational excellence in a supportive environment that warmly engaged me in the academy life. I attended a lot of conferences, lectures and seminars, and I also had a lot of communications with both respected legal scholars and wonderful law students. I studied civil liberties which gave me a deeper understanding of Canadian history, culture and realities. UVIC Law library was wonderful too; all the librarians were so friendly and gave me access to many research facilities. The whole Faculty of Law was friendly, warm and made me feel at home.

Living in Victoria was an unforgettable experience. Most of the time Victoria was quiet and peaceful but there were also many activities like Victoria Day Parade, Oak Bay tea party, National Day celebration and so on. On the 2012 National Day of Canada I was in the lawn before the Legislative Building and was a part of the living-flag of Canada. I was so excited. My place in Victoria was close to a recreation center and I also attended a lot of activities. I am sure that my experience at UVIC Law School will strongly enhance my ability in my later research and my overall life.


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