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Video transcript: Scholarships to study in Canada - International students talk about their experience

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Student: I’m from Brazil.

Students: Brazil.

Student: I’m from Mexico.

Student: From Ecuador.

Student: I am from Chile.

Student: From Colombia.

Student: I’m from St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Student: I am from Uruguay.

Student: I’m from Belize.

Students: We are from Canada.

Students: We are from Canada.

Student: I was a recipient of the ELAP scholarship to go to Canada.

Student: I really recommend anybody to apply for a scholarship to go study in Canada.

Student: I could go to Canada through a program called ELAP that offers scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students.

Student: It’s an awesome opportunity. Trust me, without this scholarship I doubt I would have been able to go to Canada, to go to school, to get this experience.

Student: It helped me to focus on school work because it covered all my expenses.

Student: And guys, you don’t need to worry. It is a very simple process.

Student: I would definitely recommend the ELAP program; it offers a chance for more human interaction.

Student: People are really open-minded and welcome immigrants and people that come from other countries.

Student: And I saw the different types of people living here, living in unity, how they respect each other.

Students: We love to meet new people.

Student: It gives you the opportunity to learn about a new culture, to use different resources at overseas universities.

Student: This experience actually gave me knowledge and input to actually bring it in Jamaica.

Student: It’s a unique experience that really fills us intellectually and culturally.

Student: Here there are so many different things, being in a whole different environment with different people and there is a lot of opportunity everywhere.

Student: It’s easier here to do the things that I need to do because of the buildings and equipment.

Student: You are able to experience all kinds of good things that you would expect from first world countries.

Student: I really liked the sightseeing, a lot of places to visit.

Students: The best experience of our life and you have to do it too.

Student: Come join us!

Student: This is the best!

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[Images of Canadian scenery]

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